The Office of


The Office of Evangelization is our response to the Great Commission of Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20: Go and make disciples... baptizing them... and teaching them...

Here at St. Brendan's, the ministry of Evangelization includes our various Faith Formation Programs: Sunday School and the Thursday evening Confirmation Program, RCIA, Baptism prep classes, Family preparation meetings for First Penance, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation, as well as our Youth Ministry program. We seek to touch the heart and mind of every member of the parish family and of those who are still searching for a place in the church family. We invite everyone to a deeper and more personal relationship with the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and with us, The Mystical Body of Christ.

Coordinator of Evangelization

Carmina De La Rosa

Youth Minister

Alex DeMarchena

We encourage everyone to sign up for FORMED, an online Faith Formation resource.

Programs include: Books, Audio Talks, Movies, Documentaries, & Scripture Studies.

St. Brendan’s has already paid the registration fee, so it’s FREE for you to use.